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Aluminum WIndows

4500 Series Aluminum Window:
Fibertec's 4 3/4" Aluminum window series is ideal for residential highrises, commercial retrofit and new construction applications. This aluminum window features two sashes that operate horizontally allowing air circulation through the right and left, thus providing maximum ventilation and lift-out access for easy window cleaning and maintenance. Fibertec windows provide one of the narrowest sight lines, thus giving you more glass area. The slider window is more suitable for wider openings. Fibertec Window & Door Mfg. carries the most extensive glass options available catering to extreme weather climates. Anti-corrosion screens are on the outside of the window, and come in standard full screen or optional half screen. Available in many standard colours such as white, brown ivory, light bronze anodized finish.

4500 aluminum window series has been tested to meet most highrise requirements.


ALUMINUM SERIES: Aluminum extrusion is manufactured from 6064 T5 aluminum alloy with a minimum tensile strength of 22,000 lbs. per square inch.

HARDWARE: High density nylon rollers on raised track for smoother gliding.

GLAZING STOPS: Aluminum Series uses Co-extruded uPVC glass stop for optimal air-tightness.

GLASS: Dual seal sealed unit prolongs seal life, also desicant-filled air spacer for optimal moister absorption.

WEATHER-STRIPPING:Fin with Pills weather strip extends seal life and improves window efficiency.

INSTALLATION: Shall be performed by experienced installers in accordance with manufacturer instructions and CSA A440.4 standards. Window shall be plumb and square after installation is complete and sealed to both interior and exterior wall with high quality sealant around the perimeter of the frame. If perimeter cavity is to be foamed, additional anchorage may be required to prevent bowing. It shall be the responsibility of the installers to make all necessary final adjustments to ensure normal and smooth operation.

MAINTENANCE: Occasional cleaning of glass and frame components with a non-abrasive detergent is recommended.

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